At Ardsley Bible Chapel we have a heart for our youth, and our ministry to them is aimed at developing a vibrant, vital group of young people who are fully engaged in the most positive sense with their families, with one another, and with our local body of believers. They will encourage one another in true faith in Jesus Christ and true Christian practice in every area of life, will take an active role of service in the church, and will be involved in making disciples of Christ in their various spheres of influence. 

In order to promote growth in this direction we will offer to our youth:

Sunday School with:

Age-appropriate instruction
Gifted teachers who have a passion for seeing their students grow spiritually
Fully biblically based teaching
Practical instruction that meets students where they are

Youth Group meetings that include:

Active discipleship
Opportunities for building relationships with more spiritually mature members of the assembly
Biblically based devotions
Christian fellowship
Age-appropriate activities
Opportunities for outreach

Youth camp and retreat opportunities that:

Offer the opportunity to come away from the world and be immersed in Bible study for spiritual development, as well as age-appropriate sports and other activities for physical and emotional development
Facilitate fellowship and relationship building with the young people in other churches
Provide opportunities for outreach
Include scholarships for children needing financial support so that no child who desires to participate is excluded due to lack of funds

We also seek to provide opportunities for our young adults for:

Christian fellowship
Discussion of issues that are particularly relevant to this age group from a biblical perspective
Discipleship and outreach
Full, vital engagement with our local body
In sum, our vision is that ministry to our youth will meet their spiritual needs where they are and draw them into the life of the church. We aim to encourage our youth to see the church as their own, to be involved with it and eventually to be responsible for leadership in it as it carries on the work of Christ in the world as he tarries.