Every local church must have a vision if it is to survive, grow and be useful in the kingdom of Christ. A vision can be thought of simply as something good that is worth pursuing coupled with an aspiration to engage in the pursuit of that good thing. The Bible reveals the good that a local church is to pursue of course (holiness, maturity, oneness, exercise of gifts, etc.), but the Bible itself is not a vision statement. It contains a call to pursue these things, but it is we who must aspire to pursue them. A local church must take the directives that the Bible holds out to Christians and distill them into a vision ... a reason for meeting together as a body of believers in a particular time and place...a reason for existing as a local church.

It is not necessary, of course, to reduce a vision to writing. Many churches do not have written vision statements and get along quite well without them. We believe, however, that there is value in trying to articulate why we exist as a local body of believers in this time and place. Why are we here? What are we trying to accomplish? And why should you want to be here with us? This document is an attempt to answer those questions. It is an attempt to articulate the good things we are pursuing and to encourage you to join with us in ever-increasing measure in that pursuit.

There are seven components to our vision:

Unlike the Bible, on which our vision is based, this document, without doubt, has many imperfections. But we hope you will read it, meditate on it and help us to improve upon it. Most of all, we hope you will join with us in asking God to help us to aspire to the right things and then to move continually in the direction of realizing those aspirations. Ask God what he might be willing to do through us and then trust him for great things. We are thankful that God has blessed this body and thank you for sharing in this pursuit with us.