Mark 12:35-40 – Ignorant Teachers, Wicked Leaders, and David’s Greater Son - A Prayer of Response

Sam Hardman

You who are both David’s Son and David’s Lord,

how greatly we need Your mercy!

The inclination of our hearts

to twist Your word in devilish self-service –

to exonerate ourselves while we judge others –

is so strong and deep.


How often we linger in disobedience

when we long since should have known

and surrendered to Your truth.

How we sully Your great Name!

How much harm we do to each other –

and to ourselves

in our pride and self-centeredness and religious pretension.


Before we presume to instruct others

may we instruct ourselves –

rather, may You – our great King and Priest –

may You instruct us

as we sit humbly at Your feet.


May the glory of Your truth captivate our hearts.

We implore You, O Lord:

transform our minds, our desires, our aspirations.

Grant us to be instruments of peace rather than division,

of mercy, not oppression,

to be tellers and doers of truth and not frauds.


Beautify Your glorious gospel through us

as we wait for your enemies to be made your footstool,

and the struggle in our souls finally at an end,

for we pray in Your strong Name. Amen.


S.G. H.  03/01/2020

Ardsley Bible Church