The Barren Fig Tree – A Prayer

Sam Hardman

The Barren Fig Tree – A Prayer

O Lord of the harvest,

You have planted us in your garden

not to be barren,

but to bear much fruit.


Yet we resist your cultivation.

We see the Pruner’s saw

and shrink from painful cuts,

unwilling to yield to loss

of branch or limb –

believing the lie

that fruit-laden branches may be gained

by some means other than pain and loss.


We see the Gardener’s ties –

the bonds for training our tender shoots –

yet we long to grow wild,

pouring all our vitality

into unruly stems

that will never produce.


The end of such madness

is curse, withered leaf, death.


And so, O Lord, we implore you,

do not give us over to our own way.


Cut, tie, bind.


Be – Yourself – the life-giving elixir

that flows through all our tissues.

And grant us good fruit that endures.



Ardsley Bible Church