A Prayer for Times of Weariness

Sam Hardman

A Prayer for Times of Weariness


Lord, you have bid the weary to come to you,

And in my weariness I come.


The pilgrimage through this world is so often hard,

            Exhausting my body,

            Draining my emotions,

            Burdening my soul.


Please use this present languor to remind me

            That I am not yet home,

            That this is still the day of battle,

            That the times of refreshing are yet to come.


You have promised that those who persevere reap a reward;

            Please strengthen my resolve,

            Renew my faith,

            Enliven my hope.


Be for me my Mighty Rock in this weary land.

            Shelter me in your shadow.

            Hide me in your lee.


In my weakness

            Instill in me compassion for others who are also worn

            And teach me to lean on you.


I give myself to you gladly, freely; do as you will

            In me,

            Through me,

            For me.


Give me grace for what is yet to come,

            As I look to you, who endured such hostility,

            That I might not be overcome.


Grant me to share your yoke,

To learn of you,

To find anew that your burden is light.

Please give me rest for my soul.


Ardsley Bible Church