A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Sam Hardman

A Prayer of Thanksgiving


O Architect of worlds,

            Author of life,

            Creator of all beauty,

            Giver of every good and perfect gift,

            Warrior for justice and righteousness,

            Defender of the weak,

            Healer of the broken,

            Wellspring of grace,

            Lover of my soul,


Your daily providence

            Sustains my very existence

            Though I am rarely conscious of it.

Your goodness would overwhelm me

            If I could understand it as I ought.

You crown my head

            With blessings unnumbered,

            Though I give notice to so few.

You grant graces to banish despondency and despair

            And offer to nourish my soul

            With the food of eternal hope,

            Though in my folly I would often rather go hungry.

You furnish all I need to abound

            Even while I experience the pangs of want.

You offer to fill my cup to overflowing

            At the fountain of your joy,

            Though I sometimes refuse to drink.

Yet You forgive my folly and my transgressions

            Because you know my frame, that I am but dust.

You redeem my soul from the pit.

You look with compassion on my dull heart and mind

            And call  me to Your eternal home.


O Lord Christ – Savior, Brother, Friend –

            I bow my head, my heart, my soul

            My mind, my very being

            In Your royal, beneficent Presence

            And give You my humble thanks.

            May Your kind Spirit,

            Who prays for me in my weakness,

            Magnify this unworthy offering

            ‘Til it is fit for Your great and gracious Name.

Ardsley Bible Church