A Prayer for the Journey

Sam Hardman

A Prayer for the Journey


O Lord of the heavenly city with everlasting foundations that cannot be shaken,

            very abode of God,

            home of righteousness,

            where You Yourself are the temple,

            and life-giving water flows from Your throne;

            where the leaves of the tree of life heal the nations,

            and sun does not scorch, nor chill wind blow, and every tear is forever dried,

Your ineffable love has captivated my soul,

            redeemed me,

            conquered me,

            draws me inexorably heavenward.

Yet here I still am in this dark world, a stranger and pilgrim,

            with daily reminders of my unworthiness and brokenness,

            with longing and thirst that cannot now be fully quenched;

            around me – and in me – the battle still rages;

            sight is often dimmed;

            the night is deep and the pathway dark.

O mighty and merciful King,

            shine Your light on my way,

            quell my fears,

            protect me from every foe,

            crush in my heart every rebel desire,

            mortify my treasonous passions,

            teach me the way of the cross.

Show me now, while I do not yet see Your face, that compared with You

            the brightest light is darkness,

            the greatest beauty plain,

            the highest wisdom folly.

In Your irresistible might,

            preserve me along this journey,

            cause me to stand in Your truth,

            immovable in faith,

            growing daily in love,

            immersed in Your mercy to overflowing,

            awed into unreserved obedience,

until Your great and precious promises yield to glorious possession

and my love for You is finally made whole.

Ardsley Bible Church